World War 1 picture background

Way back our club Spieltrieb Frankfurt presented a WW1 game on the german Wargamingshow Tactica. I painted some additional models since we plan to play “Through the mud and the blood” by too fat Lardies. Once I painted the new models I was tired about my green background which was not appropriate for the historical background of the late war models. Therefore I created four elements for picturing my models: A background print, which is a colored version of an …


Hartmut von Kronberg

This unit was painted for our Club´s presentation during Tactica 2013. It depicts the german knight Hartmut von Kronberg who earned money with robbery in the Area of Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. The basing is again for Impetus, Miniatures are designed by Perry Miniatures. The lances are flexible and were hand made by me. All banners were printed out and painted over. The tent was designed by me, I used various materials to design the master. This is actually …

Detail on the container, sponge technic used for damages

Container and Boxes for SciFi

During Tactica 2013 (see my Tactica image gallery on our club page here) I bought some very nice boxes and a container from Pardulon Models. For years I searched a reason for buying some of this great stuff but I lacked a gaming system which fitted. Pardulon provides models for Fantasy in WH style, for post apocalyptic games, for modern settings and for SciFi settings. None of them are played right now. However I started to play the RPG Shadowrun …

Norman infantry conquering England. Perry Miniatures painted bei Tankred

Norman conquering infantry for SAGA

I rebased these norman infantry with kite shields in order to build the backbone of my SAGA warband. Unfortunately the battleboard focusses on bowmen and cavalry, what a pity that I have so much spearmen. But on the other hand I have beautiful miniatures to take pictures with. During finalizing these miniatures the worst case of all painters took place: I took by accident the paint can instead of the varnish can. After that mistake I reduced the brown spray …

Knights of Kronberg, painted by Tankred, Perry Miniatures

Knights of Kronberg – The Donkey Charge

Our Club´s annual presentation for this year´s Tactica Hamburg was the Feud of Kronberg, a medieval local conflict between Frankfurt and nearby living Knights of Kronberg. During the Battle of Eschborn 1389 the Kronberg Knights led a charge in against the troops of Frankfurt. There is a myth around this battle. It was told that one of the knights lost his destrier and desparetly searched for a mount in the area. Unfortunately he was only able to find a donkey …

Skaven miniatures, painted by Kerstin and Tankred


In our wargaming club Spieltrieb Frankfurt we play occasionally Song of Blades and Heroes. Since we do this with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, I decided to get some for myself and painted them. I have chosen the Skaven since I really like the style of the miniatures. The colors were inspired by the source book for skaven with plenty of color schemes. Although I usually rant about the book products by GW, this one is really a good idea with tons …


Pine, birch and spruce trees

During the german wargaming convention Tactica 2011 in Hamburg we will show a Flames of war gaming table depicting an Eastern Front scenario. We want to show the area at the Don bow next to Stalingrad. Since the fight took place at the country side we focus on realistic looking trees. These here are the prototypes for our woods. The first tests using Flexibark by Green Scene and MiniNatur tree foliage made us quite happy. These trees were made by …

Bildschirmfoto 2010-08-12 um 17.15.42

Fabric based gaming table building by War Artisan

War Artisan is the designer of several great canvas based gaming tables. Decebalus from the Sweetwater-Forums gave me an excellent reading tipp on War Artisan´s technic. The idea and the result is really stunning. Therefore I urgently recommend to have a look on War Artisans various webpages and picture galleries. Personally I consider to give that technic a try with on gaming board test. http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/sets/72157624371716442/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/2752049374/in/set-72157606657233854/ http://www.warartisan.com/gallery2 A friend of him did post an how-to gallery here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36331979@N00/sets/72157610259987470/detail/



For our yearly German Lord of the Rings gaming Event on the Kauzenburg I decided this year to show up with a scenario from the Fellowship Hobby book – Fog on the barrow heights. Having painted all miniatures of the beautiful barrow height box, I decided to paint a barrow, which I bought via EBOB´s webshop. The centerpiece, which was excellent designed should be accompanied by more barrows. I decided to build some by myself. The building was quite easy, …