For our yearly German Lord of the Rings gaming Event on the Kauzenburg I decided this year to show up with a scenario from the Fellowship Hobby book – Fog on the barrow heights. Having painted all miniatures of the beautiful barrow height box, I decided to paint a barrow, which I bought via EBOB´s webshop. The centerpiece, which was excellent designed should be accompanied by more barrows.

I decided to build some by myself. The building was quite easy, since I used some boards, a lot of modelling clay and real stone. I tried some special effect coming from the model train universe: I did hide a smoke generator in the last barrow. The effect came out quite nice, but the oil smells and the model is covered with oil. So it is noth worth the effort I think. Good idea, but not very practical.

For applying the grass I used a Noch Grass Master, static grass comes out excellent with that kind of tools. The painting was nothing special.

The design of the wood pieces proofed to be very good for LotR games, since the hills inside the wood make more of the trees and they block line of sight. For sure this will be the way to model 28mm woods in the future.

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