Pine, birch and spruce trees

During the german wargaming convention Tactica 2011 in Hamburg we will show a Flames of war gaming table depicting an Eastern Front scenario. We want to show the area at the Don bow next to Stalingrad. Since the fight took place at the country side we focus on realistic looking trees. These here are the prototypes for our woods. The first tests using Flexibark by Green Scene and MiniNatur tree foliage made us quite happy.

These trees were made by El Comandante and me and the creation was far quicker than we expected. Using flower wire as a basis with flexibark on top proofed to be very effective. The MiniNatur material is quite expensive but bring outstanding results if you ask me. Especially the pine foliage (called Kiefer in German) is a very effective material and you get a lot of trees out of one box. The Material for the spruce is not that effective, one box was enough for three trees.

Custom made model birch tree

Custom made model spruce tree

Custom made model pine tree

The painjob was done by priming with brown ArmyPainter Primer, after that I used a mixture consisting of Vallejo Brown Wash and Brown and Black ink. After drying I drybrushed the wood with a lighter brown. That´s it.

I used foliage in fall colors and green and brown pine foliage which was simply applied with white glue.

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