Norman infantry conquering England. Perry Miniatures painted bei Tankred

Norman conquering infantry for SAGA

Norman infantry conquering England. Perry Miniatures painted bei Tankred

I rebased these norman infantry with kite shields in order to build the backbone of my SAGA warband. Unfortunately the battleboard focusses on bowmen and cavalry, what a pity that I have so much spearmen. But on the other hand I have beautiful miniatures to take pictures with.

During finalizing these miniatures the worst case of all painters took place: I took by accident the paint can instead of the varnish can. After that mistake I reduced the brown spray with Acetone and q-tips. It worked quite good, surely because I had varnished the models years before. But try if you managed to make that mistake, too.

The fortified farm house are from Hudson & Allen, I purchased them via EBOB miniatures. They were designed for scotish highlands but I think they also fit perfect for 1066. I painted the model in order to have a backdrop for the pictures and to have a dark medieval feeling on the battlefield.

I added pale static grass to the roofs. This came out very good, if you ask me. I tried cocos fabric with another roof, but these are far to thick although the color looks excellent.

All spears are made from Flexi Pikes.

Norman crossbowmen, Perry Miniatures painted by Tankred

The crossbowmen were painted this year in order to play SAGA. I did them in a hurry, but they came out not too bad.


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  1. Sehr schön! Ich hab mir die Figuren auch als Alternative Krieger von Rohan gekauft und deine Bilder sind wahrlich eine riesige Inspirations quelle! Ich freue mich immer wieder, fertige Minis von dir zu sehen!

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