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Unfinished Armies is an private blog about wargaming in germany. The founders Tankred and Glorfunzel started some years ago with a different system, since then we had a couple of guests blogging on UA. Now we will start to talk about our different games, painting miniatures, building scenery, visiting events and reading in the web about our hobby.

Tankred is member of the gaming club Spieltrieb Frankfurt and is running a LotR based website called Tabletop HdR.

In 2012 we started to podcast in german about wargaming.

Don´t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions: tankred@unfinished-armies.de

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m currently working in Hamburg, 2~3 days each week up January 2013. It would be good to catch up with any gamers or clubs in the Hamburg area.

    I’m in the Gastwerks hotel area.

    Email me on : ajdeeley@hotmail.com



  2. Hi Andy,
    our club is located in Frankfurt. We are in Hamburg once a year during a convention. There are several wargaming clubs in Hamburg, so please check the local ones.

  3. Hallo. Your work looks fantastic.

    I have decided to start Field of Glory and FOG Renassance, and I am looking for a club to play at and learn the game properly.

    Do you know of a club that is closer to Mainz, as I am located there.

    After looking at your pictures, I believe I could be easily persuaded into starting up Saga.



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