Detail on the container, sponge technic used for damages

Container and Boxes for SciFi

Container miniature for 28mm models from Pardulon painted by Tankred in Shadowrun style with Saeder Krupp Logo

During Tactica 2013 (see my Tactica image gallery on our club page here) I bought some very nice boxes and a container from Pardulon Models. For years I searched a reason for buying some of this great stuff but I lacked a gaming system which fitted. Pardulon provides models for Fantasy in WH style, for post apocalyptic games, for modern settings and for SciFi settings. None of them are played right now. However I started to play the RPG Shadowrun and decided to paint some obstacles for our tactical paper board, since we often play on maps. The plan is to have one small peace of scenery available for every gaming session, which rarely occur. For sure having some scenerey for Infinity is also good, since our friends from Tabletop Club Rhein Main e.V. want to show us the game.

Detail on the container, sponge technic used for damages

The model itself was a fun to paint. I airbrushed the model on a black priming with white spraying from high noon sun position. Adding red with the airbrush left much of that structure. A tipp which was told me by Glorfunzel. I took me almost 20 years to get to know the basics of airbrushing…

I used the sponge technic to add damages and added rust pigments. A last finish with smoke from vallejo and the black ink from GW added oily spots and dirt.

The logo shows the fictional Shadowrun Corporation SAEDERKRUPP which operates in the story in the area which used to be germany. Since we play in that area, this was the first choice.

Container and Boxes painted by Tankred



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  1. Das ist ja mal eine lustige Idee! Da werde ich mir direkt die Anschaffung ĂĽberlegen. sowas kann man einfach immer brauchen.

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