Hungarian Panzer IV, 15mm models by Battlefront, Painted by Tankred

Club campaign game in round 4 with FoW 3.0 rules

Yesterday ElComandante and me had a nice game together with Thorsten, who gave us helping hands with the 3.0 version of the Flames of War Rules. You need to know that learning rules is a matter of years for ElComandante and me. Therefore we now established a rules corner with big prints of the rule summaries, where you can think of your mistakes, if somebody sends you there. My first impressions of the rule system were very good. We had …

Counter Attack: Eastern Front

Currently we play Fow with Thomas, Jonas, Martin and me in the club. Finnish and Fallschirmjäger vs. TwoTankovy Companies.  

Armoured encounter: Eastern Front

We are just beginning to have a game in the club. Thomas is fighting my Hungarians. We agreed to play with our light tanks only. Thomas did attack with his heavily armed Recce on his right flank and payed a lot of blood on his tank assault on my tanks which took defensive positions behind concealing terrain. When Thomas concentrated his fire on my Nimrod, the poor guys, who were in charge of tank defence rather than aircraft defence, he …

Italian Village, 15mm, Wargaming, Rusus Models, Table by Frank Bauer, Terrainmodels designed by Rusus and Tankred

Last Campaign Game with my Fallschirmjäger company

First of all I would like to mention the excellent gaming table and the great Game I had with Frank Bauer. He built a great italian Gaming Table using the Italian Village Rusus and me designed last year. The models are still available and the range will be expanded. I use these great pictures in order to illustrate the army I used for the last 3 years mainly when playing FoW. Yesterday I had the last game within our Club´s …