World War 1 picture background

Way back our club Spieltrieb Frankfurt presented a WW1 game on the german Wargamingshow Tactica. I painted some additional models since we plan to play „Through the mud and the blood“ by too fat Lardies. Once I painted the new models I was tired about my green background which was not appropriate for the historical background of the late war models.

Therefore I created four elements for picturing my models: A background print, which is a colored version of an historical image, a hill segment with barbed wire, a trench section with a fire step and a wall section with sandbags on top.

The first photo shooting was quite good. The elements profed to be quite variable, it is possible to use them in different angles and combinations.

German trench raiders, minatures by Great War Miniatures painted by Tankred

The trench raiders rally before the assault.

German World War 1 trench during Kaiserschlacht, model by Tankred

The Stormtroopers march to their assault perimeter.

Bavarian Stormtroopers assault during Kaiserschlacht, model and miniatures painted by Tankred

The Stormtroopers are assaulting.

German wounded and medics WW1, miniatures by Great War Miniatures painted by Tankred

The aftermarth, medics and wounded.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    wirklich tolle Arbeit! Dadurch sehen die Minis noch um ein ganzes Stück lebendiger aus! Vor allem die Stacheldrahtverhaue sowie die Details(Bingo Crépuscule) gefallen mir enorm gut!

    MfG Marc

  2. Na, dass sind aber ‚hübsche‘ Gräben! Besonders gefällt mir die gelungene Darstellung des Wellblechs – toll!
    Ich freue mich schon über die Diskussion im Club, wer die nächste WWI Platte machen darf. :´-)

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