What I like today #11

Miniature Designers working for their children:
Tom  Meier designs a miniature inspired by the imagination of his four year old daughter. Priceless!

Basic Impetus Fantasy:
A gaming report of a LotR  game using Basic Impetus rules by Geektactica. I am very interested in that ruleset.

Paintjob by Axebreaker:
Fow Fallschirmjäger.

Gaming Table Madness:
Hughe Spanish Gaming Table. (via Aquarius @ Sweetwater Forum)

1:72 Ancient Armies:
Frank Becker shows his ancient 1:72 FoG collection. (german language, excellent pictures)

Battlefront Article:
Myths about the polish campaign.

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  1. I really need one of those Rainbow Laser Fairy Unicorns for my DnD Campaign!
    And 12 Bucks isn’t that much o’money, my Players will hate me *har*

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