What I like today #12 and what I dislike

Hobby madness:
Tom Wise is already well known for painting insane amounts of FoW models. Now he painted 339 Kingtigers and Tigers. This is round about 25% of the tigers which actually were produced. What you should know ist that you need a couple of models to play a standard FoW game. Perhaps he should ask for some help to get rid off his obsession. This is what I dislike. Having hundreds of (identical) Tiger models ist simply stupid.

Visiting the gaming industry:
Brückenkopf´s Report on a visit at Warlord games. Very interesting. (via Tabletopgamingnews.com)

Real war life:
Again an outstanding photo series on Afghanistan at Boston.com

New excellent Range by Ebob:
28mm Vietnam scenery,  models and Rules.

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