What I like today #19

WW2 models: Dagorlad´s cool Russian Ice Racing vehicles Massive Vodoo: Outstanding Assassin Show Reel with great building details. Gaming Event in Berlin: Frank Becker shows great gaming images. And so does The Lieutnant. Impetus miniatures: Rusus shows his wonderful medieval Peasant´s base.

What Tankred likes today 18

What I like today #18

Painting Impetus Japanese Saxondog shows two beautiful Japanese Infantry bases Painting stone walls: Elladan describes how he paints Chathedral ruins in a beautiful way. Fighting Uruk-hai: Frank Becker his marveless Uruk-hai in green. Magnetic Basing for Impetus: Fin made pictures of his bases he made with my tipps for Impetus basing.

What I like today #17

Cloth based terrain boards: Our gaming friends from Ulm made an excellent Gaming table based on cloth. They used technics which  I already liked in this post. Impetus in Middle Earth: Finarfin liked our idea with playing LotR with impetus rules and started to paint this incredible nice army. Impetus Army: Hetairoi published pictures of his excellent Samurai cavalry. Pirate scenery: Dagorlad did some beautiful dangerous scenery for a pirate setting.

What I like today #16

Mantic Games interview: Alessio Cavatore talks on his new Ruleset „Kings of War“. Very interesting thoughts on tabletop game design on a very high level. Great wargaming table ideas: Report on the Spanish Event Operation Alpha. Have a look at the habour gaming table or the airfield. Very nice concepts. Old post, but nice ideas. Urgently needed: Antenocity´s Silflor MiniNatur Reference. via Tabletop Gaming News. The Big Picture: Pearl Habour 69 years ago picture gallery. Modern Warfare: New American „Bolter“.

What I like today #15

GW presentation: 3up Wargame on Gamesday. Painting guide 15mm british infantry: Painting british part I by Chevalier de la Terre BBC Documentation: British Novelists – J.R.R. Tolkien from 1968 (via onering.co.uk by Osbad) (unfortunately not available in the whole world) Hungarian FoW models: Madmuro´s hungarian Stug III Tartan painting: Andrew Tailor shows the best tartan paint job I have ever seen.

What I like and dislike today #14

Dislike: GW stops event support for historical gamers and Rick Priestley exits: A goodbye article by Darrell Rick Priestley Exits stage right Golden Age Comic Book Stories: WW2 Comic Cover Art by  Jerry Grandenetti, who has passed away this year. War paintings in history: Omnia labor article on Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier War photos by Robert Capa The real secret of civil war photography First Sneek Preview for Warhammer 40K for Kids: Princesses with assault weapons.

What I like today #13

Russias Inflatable Army: Real life inflatable tanks and vehicles. (via Fefe) Some are looking stunning real. New FoW Blitzkrieg rules: Great Article on Kradschützen by  Bell of Lost Souls. Upcoming Hungarian Battlefront models for mid and late war: Stalin´s Europe releases. Intelligence history in WW2: How Allied Forces Used Tank Serial Numbers To Defeat The Germans (via Der Pöbel)

What I like today #12 and what I dislike

Hobby madness: Tom Wise is already well known for painting insane amounts of FoW models. Now he painted 339 Kingtigers and Tigers. This is round about 25% of the tigers which actually were produced. What you should know ist that you need a couple of models to play a standard FoW game. Perhaps he should ask for some help to get rid off his obsession. This is what I dislike. Having hundreds of (identical) Tiger models ist simply stupid. Visiting …

What I like today #11

Miniature Designers working for their children: Tom  Meier designs a miniature inspired by the imagination of his four year old daughter. Priceless! Basic Impetus Fantasy: A gaming report of a LotR  game using Basic Impetus rules by Geektactica. I am very interested in that ruleset. Paintjob by Axebreaker: Fow Fallschirmjäger. Gaming Table Madness: Hughe Spanish Gaming Table. (via Aquarius @ Sweetwater Forum) 1:72 Ancient Armies: Frank Becker shows his ancient 1:72 FoG collection. (german language, excellent pictures) Battlefront Article: Myths …

Fabric based gaming table building by War Artisan

War Artisan is the designer of several great canvas based gaming tables. Decebalus from the Sweetwater-Forums gave me an excellent reading tipp on War Artisan´s technic. The idea and the result is really stunning. Therefore I urgently recommend to have a look on War Artisans various webpages and picture galleries. Personally I consider to give that technic a try with on gaming board test. http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/sets/72157624371716442/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/2752049374/in/set-72157606657233854/ http://www.warartisan.com/gallery2 A friend of him did post an how-to gallery here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36331979@N00/sets/72157610259987470/detail/