Azande Warriors for Congo

A while ago Fréderic Machu did invite me and some friends to do some minature photo shooting for his upcoming rulebook Congo. Tilman was so kind to recommend us to Fred, since he knew about our Darkest Africa Campaign a while ago. So we did some pictures for the rulebook in two sessions with our friends with Africa miniatures. It was really a great time and we were very happy to see most of the pictures in the wonderful rulebook. …


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Wir sprechen mit unserem Gast über die Vielzahl an Themen, die wir verfolgen und das Für und Wider bei der Menge an Projekten, die man anstoßen sollte.

Bavarian MG 08

Boys, it has been a really long time since the last post. Actually has to do something with the little fact that 2 little girls are living with us now. My twin daughters are 10 months old and I am kind of busy since their birth. However here is a paintjob I did for the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Great War. We decided in our club to reactivate our trench gaming table and to learn how …

World War 1 picture background

Way back our club Spieltrieb Frankfurt presented a WW1 game on the german Wargamingshow Tactica. I painted some additional models since we plan to play „Through the mud and the blood“ by too fat Lardies. Once I painted the new models I was tired about my green background which was not appropriate for the historical background of the late war models. Therefore I created four elements for picturing my models: A background print, which is a colored version of an …

Games Day 2013 Köln

Games Day 2013

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Wir waren mit vier Herr der Ringe Hobbyfreunden auf dem Games Day und haben die HdR Community präsentiert. Beim Mittagessen haben wir etwas mit der Hobbitbrille auf den Games Day geschaut.

Goblin King Goblins painted by Tankred

The Hobbit – Goblins

After I painted my first Goblin from the Goblin King Box by GW, Finarfin showed his colorful versions of the Goblins. This was an eye opener for me. Before that point I headed for darker and dirtier versions than those which could be seen in the movie. Personally I did not like the Games Workshop paint job as I found them to clean and to light. Finarfin showed the quality of the miniature design by simply adding Orc colors – …