Bavarian MG 08

Boys, it has been a really long time since the last post. Actually has to do something with the little fact that 2 little girls are living with us now. My twin daughters are 10 months old and I am kind of busy since their birth. However here is a paintjob I did for the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Great War. We decided in our club to reactivate our trench gaming table and to learn how to play „Through the Mood and the Blood“ by ToFatLardies Gaming Club. We are not sure if this will be the system of our choice, but it is a start.

We already had one game but we made plenty of mistakes so it is to early to give any comments on the system. Here is what I have painted.






The MG 08 is a model by Great War Miniatures I painted them as a late war unit since the machine gun is painted with camo. The helmets should have the same pattern but I decided to go with grey ones, since this would look to busy. Sometimes I make decisions based on design.



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  1. Großartiges Ergebnis!
    Sowohl das MG als auch die restlichen Figuren sind toll geworden.

    Viele Grüße

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