Fabric based gaming table building by War Artisan

War Artisan is the designer of several great canvas based gaming tables. Decebalus from the Sweetwater-Forums gave me an excellent reading tipp on War Artisan´s technic. The idea and the result is really stunning. Therefore I urgently recommend to have a look on War Artisans various webpages and picture galleries. Personally I consider to give that technic a try with on gaming board test. http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/sets/72157624371716442/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/war_artisan/2752049374/in/set-72157606657233854/ http://www.warartisan.com/gallery2 A friend of him did post an how-to gallery here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36331979@N00/sets/72157610259987470/detail/

What I like today #10

Dwarf conversions: Lugdhuk shows on La Guerra del Anillo nice dwarv conversions for artillery and command models. 1:87 Movie inspired Dioramas (tipp by Trollbock): No Country for small men by Florian Tremp. Diorama: Kevin Dallimore shows his excellent Diorama “The Hound”. Impetus basing: I really love this late Roman cavalry by Ansbachdragoner prepared for the usage with the Ipetus rules.

What I like today #9

Photoshopped: Russian Fotographer combines WWII Pictures with modern ones. (via Fefes Blog). Fallschirmjäger: Axebreaker´s new WWII models and thoughts on Camoflage wear. Natural wall painting: Ellandan´s murals with fencing. Basic Impetus gameplay and look: Saxon Dog shows this wonderful game pictures on the crusades. This stuff really thrills me!!

Grand Fleets – The Battle of the Denmark Strait

When I bought the game Grand Fleets from Majestic Twelve Games I always wanted to replay the famous hunt for the battleship Bismarck. So I bought many World War 2 ships to replay this scenario. My ships are from Hallmark in the 1:6000 scale. I bought them from Magister Militum. On the picture above you can imagine the size of the ships compared to the 5ct coin. The German ships I was a long time uncertain how to paint the …

Preparing for the Uryv Bridgehead

Currently I am working at my Mid War Ostfront hungarian company. At the very beginning of our campaign I will just be able to field a hungarian Tank company as painting an whole infantry company simply takes a lot of time. However my first games will see 7 38t tanks, 3 Panzer IV, 3 Panzer III, 3 Stuka, 2 Nimrod, an motorised infantry platton, and a 10,5 cm artillery battery. The force consists of elements which actually were present during …

Finished army: My Easterlings

This image in bigger size. It´s done, finally. I painted a War of the Ring army for really a long time, now I am really fed up with Easterlings having painted the last Hero Options for this army of Middle Earth. I want to start with this family picture, later on I will write an documentation article on this army on our LotR page. However I am quite happy with the result although I cannot stand the GW plastic bases …

Norman Spearmen First Crusade

These Norman Spearmen are my first attempt in painting for medieval 15mm wargaming. I did already paint Perry Spearmen for WAB, but to be honest the game does not interest me enough to get motivated. The look of WAB is not interesting enough for me, because I have a very visual approach to the gaming rather than mere gaming. A very good wargaming friend of mine, Frank Bauer, did recommend Field of Glory a lot. Since I share a lot …

What I like today

Plastic Viking review: Neldoreth wrote an great review on Gripping Beast and Warlord games plastic Viking miniatures. Events: yesthatphil visited the Festival of history and shows modern coverage and English Civil War stuff. Great pictures and videos. Scenery: Frank Becker presents his excellent Pegasus Bridge Gaming table using lasered models by Jens Najewitz.

Battlestar Galactica – The Battlestars

In my last Blog-Post I introduced my civilian fleet. For a fan of the television series it was a big challenge for me to paint the Battlestars and Basestars. For the paintjob I used Vallejo Gun Metal in a 2:1 mix with different highlights from Vallejo German Grey to Vallejo Cold Grey and Vallejo Stonewall Grey. The models were easy to paint and I finished all 4 models on the same afternoon. I hope you like them. The model dimensions: …

What I like today

Parking lot gaming tables: Zac rants about GW 40K gaming tables. He is absolutely right. Aber sowas von (emphasis for our german readers). Don´t miss his finding on infantile gaming style here. Water Effects: Massive Voodoo has an very nice article on water effects. Song of Samurai…: Frank Becker is working on a Samurai setting for “A song of blades and heroes”. 15mm scenery: lewchips made a wonderful 15 mm dark age village terrain piece.