Finished army: My Easterlings

Tankred´s LotR Easterling army

This image in bigger size.

It´s done, finally. I painted a War of the Ring army for really a long time, now I am really fed up with Easterlings having painted the last Hero Options for this army of Middle Earth. I want to start with this family picture, later on I will write an documentation article on this army on our LotR page. However I am quite happy with the result although I cannot stand the GW plastic bases anymore. The company bases are even worse, therefore I built my own multibasing system.

Now I can play War of the Ring. I did play twice with this army and was defeated in a really hard way. The magic bullshit with War of the Ring really drives me crazy. Moreover the heroic duell is broken, too. However in this army I have the means to use both, a third Ringwraith was recommended to me. But to be honest, I prefer to play with friends and a few magic (the gathering).

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  1. I actually collect easterlings, but how do you manage to make those banners so amazing, i try but cant, i saw you mad them from a sword bearer but still, it must be hard


  2. Post

    Thanks very mcuh Cory22. I painted the first one on a piece of paper, then glued it to the spear. I made a picture of the painting in order to print out the following.

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