Hungarian FoW Miniatures: anti-tank guns painted by Tankred

Hungarian anti-tank guns and weapons platoon

The first gaming experiences with my hungarian tank company were devastating. I had the same experience the hungarians made at the Don in real life. The 38t tanks are almost useless when facing a soviet tank company, the few german tanks are to rare (expensive pointswise) and the missing stormtrooper move is very hard since the russians have usually more than 12 tanks in a company. In five games I was far away from even achieving a draw. The last …

What I like today #19

WW2 models: Dagorlad´s cool Russian Ice Racing vehicles Massive Vodoo: Outstanding Assassin Show Reel with great building details. Gaming Event in Berlin: Frank Becker shows great gaming images. And so does The Lieutnant. Impetus miniatures: Rusus shows his wonderful medieval Peasant´s base.

What Tankred likes today 18

What I like today #18

Painting Impetus Japanese Saxondog shows two beautiful Japanese Infantry bases Painting stone walls: Elladan describes how he paints Chathedral ruins in a beautiful way. Fighting Uruk-hai: Frank Becker his marveless Uruk-hai in green. Magnetic Basing for Impetus: Fin made pictures of his bases he made with my tipps for Impetus basing.

The Feud of Kronberg: Heavy Cavalry from Frankfurt

My second Impetus element for our club’s presentation for the next Tactica wargaming show is an element showing Johann, Herrmann, Henne and Siegfried von Holzhausen, all members of an mighty patrician family with their mercenaries. The family crest shows three roses on black. I designed the banners in order to look similar than the on the crest showed in the Dome of Frankfurt. My plan was to show the patricians on their way to the battlefield. Therefore I depicted a …

FoW: Hungarian Assault Pioneers converted and painted by Tankred

Hungarian Assault Pioneer Platoon – Utász

In our Club we are going to start an Mid War FoW Campaign very soon. In order to have some valid thread to russian Tanks I painted one Platoon of Hungarian Assault Pioneers, called Utász in hungarian. I was a little bit unlucky with the decision of converting some models, since Battlefront did a platoon with modeled pioneers, too. However now I have my very own version, which is pretty much similar to the version of Battlefront. I decided to …

Birch Ent

The birch ent is my next base for my Impetus Phantasticus Rohan army. I used the plastic set by Games Workshop, which is quite nice. However the paintjobs I have seen so far on this model looked very simple an I did not like the plastic leaves. Therefore I decided to paint a special tree, which I like very much – a birch. As a tiny detail I used a squirrel from the “Kleintierset” by Busch, on which Massive Voodoo …

Counter Attack: Eastern Front

Currently we play Fow with Thomas, Jonas, Martin and me in the club. Finnish and Fallschirmjäger vs. TwoTankovy Companies.  

Armoured encounter: Eastern Front

We are just beginning to have a game in the club. Thomas is fighting my Hungarians. We agreed to play with our light tanks only. Thomas did attack with his heavily armed Recce on his right flank and payed a lot of blood on his tank assault on my tanks which took defensive positions behind concealing terrain. When Thomas concentrated his fire on my Nimrod, the poor guys, who were in charge of tank defence rather than aircraft defence, he …

Medieval Infantry with pole arms in service of Frankfurt am Main, painted by Tankred, minatures by Perry Miniatures

Kronberger Fehde – Infantry with polearms from Frankfurt

In our club we started recently to play Impetus, which has the very nice effect, that you can design diorama bases with your miniatures. I really love to collect that kind of army, interesting to know is, that there are guys out there, who play DBA with that kind of bases as well. However I do like the Impetus gameplay so far, since I do enjoy games, if they are surprising at some point. If I am a little bit …