The Feud of Kronberg: Heavy Cavalry from Frankfurt

Frankfurt Heavy cavalry, painted by Tankred

My second Impetus element for our club’s presentation for the next Tactica wargaming show is an element showing Johann, Herrmann, Henne and Siegfried von Holzhausen, all members of an mighty patrician family with their mercenaries. The family crest shows three roses on black. I designed the banners in order to look similar than the on the crest showed in the Dome of Frankfurt.

My plan was to show the patricians on their way to the battlefield. Therefore I depicted a country road and showed the group in loose marching order. In my imagination the only good fighter in the group is the infantrist with the huge falchion walking behind the rich citicens of Frankfurt. His job is to secure that falling off the horses will not end in instant death. As far as I can imagine a patrician was not as experiencend in fighting than their opponents, the knights of Kronberg.

Good to know that the family pevailed some more centuries and wasn´t extiguished during that battle. Adding some local spice to hobby project was again much fun and I will definetly go for more crests out of the region. However I am sure that the base can be used in any other conflict in that epoche like the 100 years war.

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