Skaven miniatures, painted by Kerstin and Tankred


In our wargaming club Spieltrieb Frankfurt we play occasionally Song of Blades and Heroes. Since we do this with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, I decided to get some for myself and painted them. I have chosen the Skaven since I really like the style of the miniatures. The colors were inspired by the source book for skaven with plenty of color schemes. Although I usually rant about the book products by GW, this one is really a good idea with tons …

Norman Knights miniatures by Perry Miniatures, painted by Tankred, SAGA

Norman Knights

  At the Beginning of the year I played SAGA with Wraith and really liked it. This was an excellent excuse to paint some more of the Norman knights. These models are part of my basing nemesis. Initially they were based for Warhammer Historical, but I did not really fell in love with either the basing and the system. Now I painted them including a model which depicts my Alter Ego Tankred of Tarent with some modifications to make him …

Hungarian Panzer IV, 15mm models by Battlefront, Painted by Tankred

Club campaign game in round 4 with FoW 3.0 rules

Yesterday ElComandante and me had a nice game together with Thorsten, who gave us helping hands with the 3.0 version of the Flames of War Rules. You need to know that learning rules is a matter of years for ElComandante and me. Therefore we now established a rules corner with big prints of the rule summaries, where you can think of your mistakes, if somebody sends you there. My first impressions of the rule system were very good. We had …

Medieval Handgunners, Perry Miniatures painted by Tankred

Hand Gunners from Frankfurt

My club Spieltrieb Frankfurt presented a medieval Impetus game during the Hamburgian Tactica 2012. We showed a local setting where the citicens of Frankfurt fought in a feud against nearby operating robber-knights of Kronberg. Since the Perry twins did not have images of the miniatures in their story, I did not knew, that these models were that outstanding until I saw Antipater´s incredible beautiful Handgunners . He inspired my very much to quickly buy these models and add them to …

FoW hungarian objective: depicting a medic Toldi tank, which operated 1943 at the river Don

Hungarian objective, third infantry platoon and mortars

During my research for the hungarian army project I came along a picture in the Book “Magyar Steel” which shows  a medic Toldi tank, which operated 1943 at the river Don. Since tanks for Doctors are a very unique thing as far as I know I decided to make an objective with this topic. Since the picture in the book was black and white I am not sure wether or not the tank was painted in three colour camoflage. I …

Hungarian FoW Miniatures: anti-tank guns painted by Tankred

Hungarian anti-tank guns and weapons platoon

The first gaming experiences with my hungarian tank company were devastating. I had the same experience the hungarians made at the Don in real life. The 38t tanks are almost useless when facing a soviet tank company, the few german tanks are to rare (expensive pointswise) and the missing stormtrooper move is very hard since the russians have usually more than 12 tanks in a company. In five games I was far away from even achieving a draw. The last …

What I like today #19

WW2 models: Dagorlad´s cool Russian Ice Racing vehicles Massive Vodoo: Outstanding Assassin Show Reel with great building details. Gaming Event in Berlin: Frank Becker shows great gaming images. And so does The Lieutnant. Impetus miniatures: Rusus shows his wonderful medieval Peasant´s base.

What Tankred likes today 18

What I like today #18

Painting Impetus Japanese Saxondog shows two beautiful Japanese Infantry bases Painting stone walls: Elladan describes how he paints Chathedral ruins in a beautiful way. Fighting Uruk-hai: Frank Becker his marveless Uruk-hai in green. Magnetic Basing for Impetus: Fin made pictures of his bases he made with my tipps for Impetus basing.

The Feud of Kronberg: Heavy Cavalry from Frankfurt

My second Impetus element for our club’s presentation for the next Tactica wargaming show is an element showing Johann, Herrmann, Henne and Siegfried von Holzhausen, all members of an mighty patrician family with their mercenaries. The family crest shows three roses on black. I designed the banners in order to look similar than the on the crest showed in the Dome of Frankfurt. My plan was to show the patricians on their way to the battlefield. Therefore I depicted a …