Games Day 2013 Köln

Games Day 2013

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Wir waren mit vier Herr der Ringe Hobbyfreunden auf dem Games Day und haben die HdR Community präsentiert. Beim Mittagessen haben wir etwas mit der Hobbitbrille auf den Games Day geschaut.

Goblin King Goblins painted by Tankred

The Hobbit – Goblins

After I painted my first Goblin from the Goblin King Box by GW, Finarfin showed his colorful versions of the Goblins. This was an eye opener for me. Before that point I headed for darker and dirtier versions than those which could be seen in the movie. Personally I did not like the Games Workshop paint job as I found them to clean and to light. Finarfin showed the quality of the miniature design by simply adding Orc colors – …

Spieltrieb Feud – Heavy Cavalry First Element

This is my first Impetus element for our upcoming club campaign game for the german feudal medieval era. I have chosen the outstanding Legio Heroica miniatures. Much inspiration for the whole project came from Antipater´s Konradin army. I am very happy that my gaming club Spieltrieb Frankfurt decided to play Impetus in 15mm on a regular basis in order to have another common gaming system available to most members. FoW is still our basis, but we wanted to add more …

Hartmut von Kronberg

This unit was painted for our Club´s presentation during Tactica 2013. It depicts the german knight Hartmut von Kronberg who earned money with robbery in the Area of Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. The basing is again for Impetus, Miniatures are designed by Perry Miniatures. The lances are flexible and were hand made by me. All banners were printed out and painted over. The tent was designed by me, I used various materials to design the master. This is actually …

Detail on the container, sponge technic used for damages

Container and Boxes for SciFi

During Tactica 2013 (see my Tactica image gallery on our club page here) I bought some very nice boxes and a container from Pardulon Models. For years I searched a reason for buying some of this great stuff but I lacked a gaming system which fitted. Pardulon provides models for Fantasy in WH style, for post apocalyptic games, for modern settings and for SciFi settings. None of them are played right now. However I started to play the RPG Shadowrun …

Hungarian Bofor Anti Air Cannon, model by Battlefront, Flames of War, painted by Tankred

Hungarian Bofors, Hetzer and Field Kitchen

Actually this is one of the first finished armies on unfinished armies. The last two units I wanted to paint are the hungarian Bofors and a second objective. After collecting hungarians for now three years I finished my mid war hungarians with the core troops for a Lorried Infantry company and Tank company. The hungarian Bofors for mid war need to get an head swap with the german or hungarian heads available from Battlefront. Meanwhile there are Bofor Anti Air …