Sommerwind 2010

For the first time I visited at the end of may my first Flames of War event in Germany. The community of met somewhere in the countryside in the middle of nowhere near Fulda. The event was planned and perfectly executed by Hotwing, an well nown player living near Hamburg. The event attracted Players from all over the country, gaming clubs from Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, Braunschweig, Ludwigshafen, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt and more.

The 30 participants played two campaigns, one Mid War Campaign and one brand new Battlefrontcampaign. Moreover there were several Big Battles at Saturday evening. My gaming club Spieltrieb Frankfurt showed two of our Tactica Gaming Tables the „Road to Messina“ and the „Tunisia Wadi“ tables, which were shown on the famous german Tabletop event in Hamburg in 2008 and 2009.

The Sommerwind 2010 was an excellent experience since I got to know a lot of people who played in an really easy and relaxed way far away from beeing too competetive. Mister_Pink may be an exeption 😉 but I like to play with guys who kill their dice. Especially mid war players wanted to laugh and have fun. The good food and drinks made it easy to play in a good mood.

Our club agreed to come again next year to this really nice event. Thanks to Hotwing for organising Sommerwind for the third time!

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