Rohan outriders for War of the Ring

I never mentioned the war (of the Ring) on unfinished armies, although I am a passionate fan of LotR. Currently I am revisiting Rohan and Isengard. In 2003 I started with both armies and built up an 500 Points LotR Skirmish army. Rohan got in the game weaker and weaker and I was not able to play them well, although a polish Rohan army did win the Grand Tournament in Nottingham 2009. However I wasn´t that successful with rohan. However I always loved that army and War of the Ring was an excellent excuse to reboot the armycreation of Rohan. What I did not like about WotR was the height of the company bases. Therefore I built a flat version only using magnet bases, metal sheet and a multibase that I designed  using polyacryl profiles and sand. With this master I made resin bases and glued them to the metal sheet. The result works excellent although the height seems a little bit higher on the picture than in reality. More Eorlingas to come…

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