Norman Spearmen First Crusade

These Norman Spearmen are my first attempt in painting for medieval 15mm wargaming. I did already paint Perry Spearmen for WAB, but to be honest the game does not interest me enough to get motivated. The look of WAB is not interesting enough for me, because I have a very visual approach to the gaming rather than mere gaming.

A very good wargaming friend of mine, Frank Bauer, did recommend Field of Glory a lot. Since I share a lot of attitudes toward the hobby with him and learned a lot of about wargaming from him, I bought FoG quite a time ago. Moreover I had the chance to play FoG twice. One game with Mikko in our Frankfurt am Main based gaming club, one with Frank. Both games were excellent and interesting, and maneuvering was far more important than army lists, which is very important for me.

After the first game with Mikko I spontainously bought some 15mm Normans since Mikko has several muslim armies available. The first crusade is very fascinating for me, which can be seen at my nick name.

In the first run Neldoreth inspired me with his Norman minatures to buy Khurasan miniatures, later I got to know Legio Heroica, an italien miniature designer at the Field of Glory Wiki, which is also a great place to surf at. The Legio Heroica models are really outstanding and they were a big fun to paint.

The models were based with rare earth magnets in plastic card, so that the bases are not very thick. Moreover I added steel spears from another manufacturer and added some Khurasan round shields in order to have the look of early Crusader forces.

The Flags were designed by me using a computer and printouts. They are based on a illustration in „Norman knights“ by Osprey Publishing showing flags of the famous Bayeux tapestry, which I gladly were able to see with my own eyes severel years ago.

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  1. Very nice. I can’t judge the historical accuracy. The first question I get when I see this is: are the patterns and emblems on the shields decals or (gasp) freehand? Or a mix of both?

  2. As is customary when speaking about Tankreds work: Great Minis! I needed a second glance to realize it’s 15mm

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    For me painting shields and not using decals for medieval models is a matter of honour. They are freehands of course 🙂

  4. I picked up some Syrian heavy cavalry to complement Mikko’s muslim armies a while back. They’re based, just waiting on a very quick lick of paint.

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