Images from Military Museum in Budapest

I would like to share some pictures I made in the Hungarian National Military Museum (Hadtörténeti Múzeum) in Budapest. I visit the museum on a regular basis since my wife is from Budapest and we visit this beautiful town often.

The museum is one of my favourite places there. The presentation is a little bit old fashioned, but you get quite a lot of information about all epoches of hungarian warfare. The second world war is looked at in four rooms. There are also quite bix exponates like a Heeresanklopfgerät PAK 36 with Stielgranate and a Schwimmwagen. Not many texts are translated, especially in the older exhibitions. However if you are in the topic this should not stop you.

Currently I start painting a Hungarian FoW army, so I brought back into my mind these pictures.

If you visit Budapest you can easily find the museum on the Castle Hill in Buda.
The Military Museum at Google Maps

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