Hungarian Stuka

Hungarian Stukas

Hungarian Stukas

Emezek vannak az új magyar Stukamak. These are my new hungarian Stukas. The Ju 87 D Models again come from armaments in miniature. This was my second attempt to paint aircraft so I made a lot of mistakes and now I know much more about how to airbrush 1:100 models.

First of all I will paint the parts separately in the future. Moreover I need to think about a way to add a handle for painting the model. I tried to mask the light blue bottom of the Stukas with liquid mask. This worked well, but to get ridd off the mask was a pain in the arse. Therefore I will use liquid mask only less complicated surfaces than the bottom of a Stuka with bombs attached.

Hungarian Stuka models with flight base

The chosen color scheme is a kind of free style since I have no evidence of a aircraft which was spraygunned like the hungarian tanks were. It seems that a german style with edges was used for camoflage with hungarian markings.

However I wanted to have a similar look for the hungarian tanks I will paint in the near future. To be honest I am not that accurate when it comes to aircraft since in Flames of war they are mere counters. The Aircraft rules are not very attractive to me so I found a way to use them as objectives instead. Since the carrier is not retractable they can stand on the table just as they are.

Hungarian Stuka Markings

I am quite happy with the bases for the aircraft since the are built from the scratch. A little hole in each Stuka and a piece of steel wire in the top of the acryl rod is a quite simple construction. I have chosen different heights and angles and I like the way the models are positioned.

Painted bottom of the Stukas

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