Hungarian Artillery

Hungarian Artillery, Models by Battlefront, Painted by Tankred

This platoon has seen a somewhat funny story: I painted it in order to support either my hungarian tank company or motorised infantry. For sure artillery is important and the german 10,5 cm guns can provide a means against russian tanks in artillery bomardments. To field a hungarian platoon means, that you have to buy two blister guns, a hungarian artillery crew blister and the towing vehicles as well. A lot of money if you consider to field alternatively mortars for the infantry company. However I always liked the sprayed hungarian 3 color camo, therefore I decided to paint the guns in that version. I found several picturs showing the german guns in this painting scheme.

I wanted to have the teams in a dug in position since the hungarian troops were forced to cover in field works since the russians threw  massive attack after attack against them. Therefore I modeled three different base sizes. The first attempt with the artillery base was to small for the huge guns, so I designed another one. After that I made a silicone form and made some bases with resin. The result was really nice. I cut off the bases of the infantry models and glued them directly to the designed base. One nice effect on this technic is, that the base ground is less thick. For sure there will be models to be fall off in future, but I can repair this.

The crews are mixed between germans and hungarians, the main difference is the boots of the germans. I just painted them as trousers and I think it is hard to pick them out if you want to search them.

The strange thing on this platoon is, that within our campaign we do play with the exeptional rule „Across the Volga“ which means that you may place your artillery outside the table – you do not need to paint it…

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