Gépkocsisó Lövész Platoon

Currently everybody in my Gaming Club, the Spieltrieb Frankfurt is preparing for our upcoming Ostfront campaign. I am painting an Hungarian Force. As with my other two armies, British 8th army and Fallschirmjäger, I am painting both a tank and an infantry company. I started with an motorised infantry platoon as this is the support choice for a hungarian tank force and infantry is with me at almost every game I play.

The hungarians in FoW have the excellent special rule that they may reroll their attempts to dig in. Excellent for me! I do fail this roll very often.

The hungarian motorised infantry was equipped with the hungarian Botond truck. The excellent Battlefront models can be glued together with or without canvas. I decided to populate one truck with shown infantry. I found several historical pictures for different painting schemes on Botonds. I picked one with a typical 3 colour camo scheme, which came out very nice. The hungarian arms is show at the door. I made my own decals for this.

Having quite a lot of seated infantry models was very important for me. Usually you see just a couple of models in transport trucks painted for FoW but I decided to make it look more realistic. For sure a truck contained more than 8 soldiers during war, but this abstraction was fine for me.

In our club we decided to design the scenery as a fall countryside seeing the first snow of the year. Literally this is perfect for showing a hungarian force just before the whole army was destroyed.

From the painter´s view I must say that the hungarian force is very nice to paint, since you may use some characteristic color.

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