Armoured encounter: Eastern Front

We are just beginning to have a game in the club. Thomas is fighting my Hungarians. We agreed to play with our light tanks only. Thomas did attack with his heavily armed Recce on his right flank and payed a lot of blood on his tank assault on my tanks which took defensive positions behind concealing terrain.

When Thomas concentrated his fire on my Nimrod, the poor guys, who were in charge of tank defence rather than aircraft defence, he were lucky and knocked out one of two. This was quite important sice the remaining Nimrod dominated the centre.

I decided to both let the infantry and the artillery enter the game risking, that 5 tanks will not reinforce the game. Thomas was lucky when rolling for reinforcement. I did not manage to get my last platoon on the table. Thomas won using the sheer amount of russian tanks and infantry wisely whereas I could not stand the flood. I knocked out approximately 20 tanks, more than I had on the table. Eastern front is really a complete different feeling to the Africa and Italian theatre I played before.

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