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Malen und Reden ist gar nicht so einfach wie gedacht, wer geballte Informationen sucht, sollte diese Episode vielleicht auslassen. Gesprochen haben wir über die Tactica, Malen, Trebuchets, Filme und mehr.

First Crusade Pilgrim miniatures painted by Tankred

Pilgrims of the first Crusade

With the publication of SAGA Crescent & Cross plans erose to beef up my Norman SAGA armie with some Crusader elements. First addition are the pilgrims. I have chosen to paint armed and umarmed pilgrims and some models from other blisters of the Perry Crusader range. It was important to me to depict them as strange group of people with various backgrounds including some, who own at least a shield and a spear and some who just carry a sleeping …

Bavarian MG 08

Boys, it has been a really long time since the last post. Actually has to do something with the little fact that 2 little girls are living with us now. My twin daughters are 10 months old and I am kind of busy since their birth. However here is a paintjob I did for the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Great War. We decided in our club to reactivate our trench gaming table and to learn how …

World War 1 picture background

Way back our club Spieltrieb Frankfurt presented a WW1 game on the german Wargamingshow Tactica. I painted some additional models since we plan to play “Through the mud and the blood” by too fat Lardies. Once I painted the new models I was tired about my green background which was not appropriate for the historical background of the late war models. Therefore I created four elements for picturing my models: A background print, which is a colored version of an …