Tunesian Village

I just made some photos of my new Tunesian Village for Flames of War and want to share them with you.

The complete village

Some small buildings

A two-storied building with a courtyard and small building with a dome

Another two-storied building

A mosque

I bought the models 2007 on the Salute Convention from Kerr & King.

Assembling the models was very easy. You only need some glue and a bit putty for some gaps. The modelkits allow you to assemble the houses in multiple different ways and you only need yome minutes to build a whole village.

I painted the houses with Vallejo Game Color.

For priming I used Earth. A basecoat was drybrushed with a 50:50 mix of Earth and Bonewhite. Highlights were added with more bonewhite in the mix and later a mix of Deadwhite and Bonewhite. The last hightlight was a very light drybrush of Deadwhite. The doors were painted with a mix of Charred Brown and Cobra Leather.

With a bit work you get a very nice Terrain Piece for your Flames of War desert gameboard.

I hope you like my new Tunesian Village.



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