Impetus phantasticus and War of the Ring Multibases

Rohan infantry multibase

Currently I am working on Multibases for my Rohan and Isengart armies in order to have a nicer look when playing War of the Ring or Impetus Phantasticus. I always had the idea that wargaming in Middle Earth should be done with a couple of Dioramas with battle scenes. Therefore I rebased some of my oldest miniatures in Impetus style, but in the size of War of the Ring bases, which only differs by some millimetres.

The idea of using the relatively new gaming system Impetus for gaming in Middle Earth was inspired by this article at Geek Tactica. I had two test games with the rules and I am very pleased with the fast and interesting gameplay. I really hope to have more games like this in the future, since War of the Ring has some severe problems with duells and magic which are not the most interesting aspects of wargaming for me. However I do want to play more than one systems with these miniatures.

Rebasing off the fat GW bases to the 1 mm thin plastic card with some additional rare earth magnets opened my eyes. Yes, this is the way I want to go in the future. I am thinking of interesting scenes and situations. For sure I will combine some bases with round flat based magnet bases in order to have some of the models variable for War of the Ring.

Huge banners are absolutely important for me. I designed a triangular variant of the well known Rohan banner elements and built my own one only using paper and glue. The banner staff was made with Perry steel lances.

In the last picture you can see how scenic basing goes together with my variant of flat magnet basing with WotR multibases. Since you only need one of these for the formation and I rarely use more than 16 Models in a Skirmish army of the same type this will work good for me when playing LotR, WotR and Impetus.

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  1. How do you represent casualties? With single dead model markers?

    Really nice and very interesting. You have to show me the system on the Kauzenburg!


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    Casualties are displayed with simple markers, e.g. rocks. Impetus knows markers for Fight value losses, for units in opportunity and for disordered elements. I will present a demo game on Impetus during Kauzenburg.

  3. Looking really good. What Size are the RE Magnets you’re using and how do you affix them? Mine usually get losse after some time

  4. I use 3mm magnets in 1mm height. I simply drill a 3mm hole with a cordless screwdriver in the plastic card. Now the magnets perfectly fit in. I fix them with superglue. I plan to transport this kind of bases in metal boxes. I am not sur if this is a good plan.

  5. I did the same and had the Problem that, after taking the Minis in and out severeal tims, the Magnets slipped out and stayed in the metalbox.

  6. I would prefer 5mm Magnets (2mm height). They are much stronger. The Miniatures might be too heavy for 3mm magnets. In FoW I got Problems with 3mm and a medium base. With 5mm there are no problems.

  7. Pretty cool idea which certainly looks very impressive: you get a real feel of a Rohan shieldwall rather than a few individuals while really using the same number of figures. How many bases (units?) does an Impetus-based army usually use?


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    Glorfunzel, 2mm magnets should work very well, too. Usually I vary the height of the base with modelling clay to have a realistic look. The plastic models used in this case ar not that heavy. I will try bigger ones with the next bases.

    Rex, nice to read a comment from you since I read your Blog with passion! For a impetus army you should think of 12 elements but I am at the very beginning. You have the option to play with basic impetus rules, which are more simple and the armies are smaller.

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