Hungarian Panzer IV

In our upcoming campaingn there is already one thing for sure: The axis has to cope with a lot of russian tanks, since most club members start their force with a tankovy battaillion. I will have a game this week against 11 KV1s. Therefore I urgently need heavy gun options. The Panzer IV for sure is one option against heavy soviet tanks.

I decided not to fix the gun barrels to the turret permanently but to use rare earth magnets for that purpose. Since the hungarians only may chose one platoon of Panzer IV, having three tanks with 6 barrels is an excellent choice.

I tried whitewashed camo with these, but I am not very happy with the result. To be honest I plan to paint another 3 tanks in german grey. White washed models are quite difficult if they should look realistic. Tipps are appreciated!

Unfortunately there was a mistake in the model painting by battlefront since Wayne painted red crosses with green background in the hungarian markings. So did I. However he mentioned his mistake in his painting article. Foehammer from the Battlefront forums was so kind to tell me that detail. However the decals will see a change to green crosses in the near future. I am too picky to live with that mistake, although there may have been red crosses as well.

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