Honvéd nap – Day of the Hungarian Defence Force 2011

Magyar Huszarok






By chance my wife went on the castle hill in Budapest on the Honvéd nap, which can be translated as the day of the hungarian Defence Force. The event took place on the 21st of April. It was a short event with some military music, a small parade of the cavalry and infantry and some shots out of a replica cannon which is located in the narby Military Museum.

Stupid me – I did not join my wife to visit the castle hill and missed the event. But she did very well to take a lot of pictures with the camera of her sister. As an miniature painter it is very interesting to see real pictures of military of former times since we have developed a phantasy way of imagining soldiers which sometimes interferes with reality.

Especially horse eyes are an example. I often see painted horses which remind me of „My Little Pony“ Illustrations. I think it is very interesting to look at real animals and persons in order to paint more lifelike.

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