Battlestar Galactica – The Civilian Fleet Part 1

When I first saw the television show „Battlestar Galactica“ I was a little child. I loved the episodes and dreamed about reenacting the adventures of Apollo and Starbuck with miniatures. A few years ago I saw the re-imagined show and was really impressed that the series got even better than its parent.
It is now my favorite television show an last year I started searching for tabletop miniatures of Battlestar Galactica.
A few month ago I found the miniatures from Ravenstar Studios and I ordered them. When they arrived I started painting these great models. For the first steps I painted some ships of the civilian fleet of the show to get a feeling for spaceship painting. Most of the paint job was drybrushing the models in few steps and painting some highlights an details. The miniatures are very small (see the coin in the picture above) and I like how it worked. The pictures are an enlargement of the real miniatures.
For information of the ship names I used the Battlestar Wiki which is a great resource for the television shows. They have a lot of iamges of the spaceships, too, so feel free about comparing my models with the real ships.

When I finish my fleet, I want to use the models for the tabletop-game „Starmada“ from Majestic Twelve Games. The game is very fast but still detailed and has a great physical movement model which is best for playing in science fiction universes like the Babylon 5 and the Battlestar Galactica universes. It has a ship build ruleset which allows to add any spaceship concept to the game. Later my friends and me want to add some playsheets for the BSG ships. In the next weeks I will write a review of the rules on this site.

Below you see a better lighted photo of the „Cloud 9″ on my gaming mat. The stand is scratch build of 2mm plasticard with a metal pin. I varied the pins in 0,5cm steps for all my ships in the fleet. There are only 2 models with the same pinlength. The base is 3.5cm long and 2cm wide. So it fills out one complete hex of the gaming mat (1.5“ hexes).

In the next week more ships of the fleet will follow.



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  2. hi,

    very good ships excellent …

    where I can buy these ships?, please give me a ink greetings …

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