Battlestar Galactica – The Battlestars

In my last Blog-Post I introduced my civilian fleet. For a fan of the television series it was a big challenge for me to paint the Battlestars and Basestars.

For the paintjob I used Vallejo Gun Metal in a 2:1 mix with different highlights from Vallejo German Grey to Vallejo Cold Grey and Vallejo Stonewall Grey.

The models were easy to paint and I finished all 4 models on the same afternoon. I hope you like them.

The model dimensions: Galactica 3.75″, Pegasus 4″, Basestar 5″

As explained in my last Blog-Post the models are from Ravenstar Studios and the stands are scratch build.



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  1. Wow! I expected less, lots of times spaceships get the short shift in the painting department with just a quick drybrush and some of the sculpts historically have left a lot to be desired but these look great very true to the TV show made in Vancouver.

    What game system will you be using for us that just arrived from the Table Top Gaming News blog network site?

  2. @Muskie
    I want to play Starmada with the miniatures. Starmada is a Spacebattle Tabletop game from Majestic Twelve Games. I hope I will find the time to write a revision for this game. The rules are very easy but allow a complex game. The rules have also a Starship Construction Guide which allow to create every spaceship you want. It is very easy to build the fleet of your favorite tv show.

  3. Hi!,

    One question, how did you do the coat of arms?, it is like a fenix, very litle, I can’t do it!.


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