Orc Design by Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory renders Orcs depicting an illustration by Angus McBride

Orc Design by Wargames Factory

Denizens of the dark Wood with Title illustration by Angus McBride

In the german Sweetwater Forums, I read that Wargames Factory will design orcs. Murphy posteted a picture and DonVoss mentioned that the design reminds him of an Angus McBride Illustration. Wargames Factory notes: „Sculpture by Tim Barry. Artwork by Diego Gisbert Llorens“. Personally I think there is one reference missing: The Illustration from ICE´s Merp Supplement cover „Denizens of the dark wood“ by Angus McBride. The illustration by Diego Gisbert Llorens looks very exact like a compositon of two of the orcs on the above cover.

I always admired Angus McBride and a post on his death was the first Blog Post I ever made. Therefore I would like to see that artists and companies that seek inspirations to mention the origin of the inspiration. For sure Angus McBride was not the first artist to paint orcs like these, but the similarity of the design above is stunning, isn´t it?

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  2. Just a note about the similarity between McBride´s work and mine: not only I painted the Orc after the models were designed, also I got that very Angus McBride illustration as reference from the client and he said „we want exactly this“. Not much room for creative and original designs left for me, guys 😉

  3. Diego, thanks for commenting my posts – it´s rarely found that the artists aswer directly. Your post is appreciated very much! For sure there wasn´t space for creativity in your briefing, thanks for sharing that information. But that was not my point. I like your illustration. However ordering a 1 to 1 design copy of an famous artist feels somewhat strange. Perhaps there is an contract with the owner of the copy rights then all my thoughts on this are futile.

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